Thursday, November 29, 2007

Articles of Interest

Here is a list of articles on the internet related to the Fiddles on the Tobique event.

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River Jam
(Canadian Geographic Society)

The Reel River
(Saltscapes Magazine)

Fiddles on the Tobique, Land & Sea Aug 1, 2004
(CBC News)

‘Fiddles on the Tobique’ draws thousands of canoeists
(Wulustuk Grand Council website)



cocopuff said...

beautiful canoe...

Anonymous said...

I want to go to this festival some day. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi, the Fiddle Festival- it”s a fantastique idea! Thank for your organization and trouble.during the 16 years! Yes, that was the 16th anniversairy!
That”s why could be feel the fatigue: only a couple hundred canoes and some dozen fiddlers were there...And this can”t write for the account of the weather...It needs a really, careful organization, a good marketing to be a really unforgettable festival, and not a friends-meeting.
You said in an interview: „I never will died until the Handel Water music suite won”t play on the Tobique!
I think you will have a long life! In the case when you will continue the organization in the same style as in this year was experienced ...
Can I wish a short life to you? And instead of a narrow friends meeting a really alive Fiddle Festival!