Sunday, June 1, 2008

Schedule for 2008 Fiddles on the Tobique

Welcome to the 2008 Fiddles on the Tobique!
This is the 15th anniversary of the First  Fiddle on the Tobique.

Friday, June 20, 2008
There are jam sessions and  fiddle workshops all afternoon long, a supper , and a concert.  For information about the jam sessions , and  concert, contact Helen Edgar

The Village of Plaster Rock will be hosting a reception to welcome the fiddlers at 4:00 PM at the new Welcome Center at the Plaster Rock Tourist Park.

The concert begins   7:30PM at the Tobique Valley High school 

Saturday, June 21, 2008 
There will be a pancake  breakfast held at the Riley Brook Community Hall put on by the men of the village starting at 07:00 AM and lasts  until they run out of batter, or  the fiddlers  break too many strings !
The annual River run starts in Nictau, NB at 1:00PM  There will  be RCMP patrolling again this year, and it will be appreciated if people refrain from alcohol while on the river.  This is a family event, and we  want it to remain a SAFE event.  THANK  YOU.
Canoes without  fiddlers  are  requested to launch either  at  the Nictau Airport venue, or at the Campbell river  venue just north of  the forks. The Forks has  very limited parking, and that area is designated  for the launch area for the  canoes  bringing the fiddlers  down the river.
At 5:00 Pm there is a public  supper put on by the Riley Brook Community Hall, and a old time dance to follow starting  at 8:00PM
There will be jamming all Saturday evening at the Nictau Center  for  the Performing Arts, ( the new Log house)

Sunday, June 22
At 08:30 AM at the Nictau Center  for  the performing   arts ( the new Log house) there will  be a new  event called  Fiddlescapes.  there will be music and  a chance  to reflect and  share what Fiddles on the Tobique means  to you, and a chance to say good by to new  friends.

 There will be a church service at 10:00 at the Riley Brook Community Hall , Riley Brook, NB.

For further information contact:

Bill Miller


cris said...

Hi, could you say when will planned the Fiddles on the Tobique in 2009?
thanks Cris

Fiddles on the Tobique said...

Hi Cris,
The dates for 2009 Fiddles on the Tobique are now posted and will be June 19th thru June 21st.

Thank you for writing,

Bill Miller